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Last Saturday night a group of adventurous souls from GEO jumped into the great unknown.  They had signed up to do the Crucible Experience – an opportunity to take themselves out of their comfort zones and test themselves physically, mentally, and maybe even emotionally.

Part of the challenge was not knowing what they had actually got themselves into.  The brief they had been given beforehand was that they would meet up at Circular Quay at midnight and then spend the next 6 hours making their way across the city back to CrossFit GEO at Gladesville.  In between those two destinations would be a variety of physical challenges to accomplish.

At the core of the challenge was the goal to stick together as one team, and to support and encourage each other throughout the night.

That goal was well and truly accomplished!  The group was comprised of people with different levels of fitness – some had experience competing outside of the gym; some had endurance experience; whilst for others, it was their first opportunity to put into practice what they train for on a weekly basis at GEO.  But they all stuck together and finished the experience as one.

All up these guys trekked 25kms from Circular Quay to Luna Park to Observatory Hill to Barangaroo to Darling Harbour to ANZAC Bridge to Gladesville Bridge to Boronia Park and finally to the gym.

In between those points, there were an abundance of burpees, synchronised squats, climbing over sandstone walls, running up and down stairs, reverse bear crawls up hills, climbing 20m high roped structures, jumping up and over blocks, and lots and lots of running.

They definitely stood out amongst the crowd of drunken revellers and millennial party-goers around the Rocks and Darling Harbour, but the group maintained their resolve and pushed on through.

Running over the Harbour Bridge…..twice, was a highlight.  Other than the very sullen-looking security guards, they pretty much had the bridge to themselves.  Who else can say that?  The view was incredible and it was unexpectedly peaceful.

The biggest challenge of the night was trying to find a toilet that was open around King Street Wharf and Darling Harbour.  With all of the running and exercising going on, everyone was drinking plenty of fluids which translated to full bladders.  (For everyone’s info, at 3 in the morning the only open toilet is the one inside the food court area at Darling Harbour). Once relieved the team pushed on to ANZAC Bridge.

Leading up onto the bridge is a curling walkway maybe a couple of hundred metres long.  They didn’t walk up this – they bear crawled up. Once onto the bridge they completed run/walk intervals between the street lights to get to Victoria Road.

This is where the mental game really started.  At 4 in the morning, when you haven’t slept, the mind starts to play tricks and you have little conversations in your head like, “why am I doing this?” or “can I catch a taxi back to the gym?”.

The legs on everyone were well and truly fatigued and heavy.  Calves were starting to seize up, knees were feeling sore, and tiredness was throwing a heavy blanket on the whole affair.  But everyone continued on, taking one step in front of the other.

There were no more random exercises thrown in here.  The mission was just to get back to the gym by 6.

And they did.

The team stumbled into the gym and fell to the floor in unison a touch before 6am.  Waiting for us were Johanna, Ian and Meg who had bacon and eggs cooking on the barbie for us.

It was a long workout, but just as they normally do in the gym, they got it done.

As the leader for the night, I could not have been more proud of the efforts they all put in, but I was even more impressed with their positive attitudes throughout the experience, and their open minds to trying something radically different from what they had done before.

They were all taken out of their comfort zones but saw they challenge for what it was – a chance to grow.

I would like to take my hat off to these warriors for trusting me to take them on this little adventure into the unknown, for being the guinea pigs in this idea I had, and for completing it in such a positive manner – Maria Boulos, Rachael King, Sarah Coall, Sam El Hayek, Dom Grinter, Ranika Dawson, Lewis Chen, Sarah Connery, Fulvio Rossi, Tabitha Rooke, Mel Jenkins, Kevin Lee, and Elisse Alexander (who put the video together).  You guys are awesome!!!



Quality Stability

3 rounds of:

2 Wall Climbs + 10sec Face to Wall Hold

8/6 Strict Ring Dips/Ring Push-ups/12 Hand Release Push-ups

12 Self-supported DB Row each arm

20 Handstand Weight Shifts/20 Handstand Shoulder Taps/10m Handstand Walk


A. In pairs, 6 rounds of(alternate full rounds):

10 Burpees

100m run

B. 50-40-30-20-1

DB Push Press


Deadlifts 60/40kg


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