Well 20.1 is done and dusted.  I hope no-one has PTSD from the Burpee onslaught.

Everyone in their own way killed it.  It didn’t matter if you finished it or not (I didn’t).  All that mattered was that you stepped into the ring and had a go.  

For some it was a serious endeavour to really step deep inside the pain cave and push to their absolute limit.  For others it was about knocking on the door of the pain cave, asking for a bowl of sugar and getting the f*$# out of there.  And then there were those who just treated it like any other workout and went with the flow. 

Whatever your mindset was for this workout, well done for having a crack.

Don’t stress if you didn’t do as well as you would have liked.  I was hoping to finish, but I did not.  In previous years I would have done it again to get a better result, but to be honest, this year my mindset is all about just being a part of the festival of fitness and participating, enjoying the community vibe, and watching all of you get after it.  What we do in the Open (and in our regular daily workouts) is pretty epic, and you don’t have to be an elite athlete to be inspiring to others.

Chin up.  You survived.  There are 4 more to get your teeth into.  





12 minute EMOM

1 – 3-5 Chest to bars (strict)/ Strict Pull-ups/5 Pull-up eccentrics (depending on person)/Rack Pull-ups
*Stay neutral with all movement

2 –  40m Overhead Carry 24kg KB each hand

3 – 12 Kipping swings/8 Kipping Knees to elbow/8 Toes to bar/  5 Strict T2B

4 – 20s top of push-up hold / 20s bottom of push-up hold/ 20s back to wall Handstand Hold


A. 3 position-Snatch (light)

5 x 1 of the complex

B. Snatch Pull

4×3 Building weight, hold at the top for 3 seconds

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