The Open kicks off for us at GEO at 5pm tonight.  It’s a chance to bring the community together and have a hit out, with everyone cheering each other on.  Don’t stress if you do not feel ready.  No one is ever ready.  Just come in and have a go.  Do the best with whatever you have on offer today.  That’s all you can do.

All workouts can be scaled – there’s an official scaling option but you can scale further if you want to.  It’s all good.

We will run a briefing and warm-up from 5pm and the start putting people through heats.  We don’t know what the workout is yet (it will be released today around midday) so we can’t give you an exact schedule.  If you cannot be there at 5, come in when you can and look for a Coach.  We’ll explain everything and warm you up. 

Depending on how many people we get and how long the workout is I anticipate wrapping up about 7-7.30.  Bring a post-WOD beverage with you and put it in the fridge.  There may be a sneaky beer or two afterwards.

Oh, and don’t forget we are running a little friendly comp – AM v’s PM.  Choose your team (based onthe regular class time you attend), and come dressed  to support your crew.  AM (white shirts), PM (black shirts).

Let’s get it on!




Handstand Work

3 sets of:

30 sec Handstand hold (back to wall)/Front to wall/ Side to wall

5 Strict Deficit HSPU/5 Strict HSPU/10  HSPU/ 10 Deficit Push-ups


16 min EMOM

1) 15/12 cal Row

2) 10 Deadlifts @ 60%

3) 8 Strict HSPY/12 Kipping HSPU/15 Push-ups

4) 8 Burpees over the Box 24/20″


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