Hey guys,

Myself and Mark Uren will be running a “Running Workshop” (excuse the pun) today at 2pm down on the beautiful Bedlam Bay Oval adjacent to Gladesville Hospital.

Mark will lend his many years of running experience to us and give away some valuable drills and skills to improve your running.  Last time he ran this workshop the feedback was extremely positive from all who attended, and from that, Mark was asked to present it to the members of CrossFit Zelos at Penrith.

If you want to learn how to improve your running style so that you last longer without becoming fatigued, then this workshop is for you.  I would definitely come along.

At the completion of the workshop we will break off into teams and put our newfound skills into practice by doing a mini “Amazing Race” around the hospital grounds.  There will be a few checkpoints hidden around the grounds which you will need to navigate to with your team.  It won’t be anything too serious or hardcore – just a chance to go for a nice easy run and have some fun.

This event is open to anyone, including kids.  The cost is $15 for GEO members and $20 for non-GEO members.

All you need to bring are running shoes and a stopwatch (watch or phone).

Bedlam Bay Oval is accessed via Punt Road, Gladesville.  You need to drive into the Gladesville Hospital grounds and follow thr road around to the left.  You will will eventually see the oval down by the river.

Call me on 0488 588 252 or email if you want more details.

– Adam


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