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Thursdays are our dedicated “recovery day”.  Why do we have a recovery day?  Because our programming is done holistically, meaning we plan out 8 weeks in advance, then break that down into single weeks.  Then within that single week we program training over 6 days that will provide conditioning, strength, skill, mobility, high intensity, low intensity, team work and individual work.  It’s a lot to cram into 6 days but we do it with your optimal health and fitness in mind.

We understand that many of you train Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Come Thursday, the body and mind may be a little fatigued.  So Thursday is an opportunity to dial things back a little bit, yet still work towards the ever present goal of getting better.  You cannot train at 100% intensity every day.  As far as I know we do not have any Games athletes at GEO (yet) so to think you can go hard every day is reckless and dangerous.  There needs to be a structured ebb and flow in your training so that you don’t get injured or suffer adrenal fatigue through overtraining, and you continue to improve.

So Thursdays are your recovery day and we offer you options which you can choose from according to your own personal goals and energy levels.  After a group workout and some accessory training, you have the option to choose a mobility piece, some functional bodybuilding, or you can get hot and sweaty and punch out some ZUU.

It’s your choice.

There is no need to miss Thursday because it looks boring or because you are not getting you sweat on.  It’s there if you want it.




3 rounds for time of:

40 Deadlifts @40/30kg

12 Over partner burpees

400m run together


3 sets of:

12 Cossack Squats (6 on each leg with a 2 second pause at the bottom)

20 Banded Hip Thrusts (with a 1 second eccentric each rep)


3 rounds of:

5 Inch worms

5 Sumo Inch Worms

10 Scorpions


5 min Squat

1 minute couch stretch on each leg

1 minute pigeon on each leg


A. 3 sets of:

10 Arnold Presses

10 Lateral Dumbbell Raises

B. 3 sets of:

10 Barbell Rows

10 Diamond Push-ups

C. 21s (Curls)

2 sets each of:

Pronated and Supinated


ZUU with a friend

In pairs, 6 rounds, alternating full rounds of:

10m bear crawl

10 Frogs

10 Xplodes

*While one works, the other rests in Handstand against wall

B. In pairs, 6 rounds, alternating full rounds of:

30 Rhino Steps

100m Run

12 Half Hindus

*While one person works other rests in straight arm plank

C. In pairs, 6 rounds, alternating full rounds of:

10 Cobra Push-ups

20 Komodo Hands

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