A message to the athletes, the volunteers and the spectators,

Well that’s a wrap!  I am knackered, as I am sure all of you are.  It was a short day, as far as Crossfit comps go, but there was a lot jammed into it and everyone brought their A-game.

The Masters League Invitationals comp has been in the pipeline for some months now, but the last couple of weeks have definitely raised the anticipation and anxiety levels for everyone, and today it all went down.  It got real!!!

As the NSW host, I want to thank everyone who came out (in whatever capacity that was – athlete, volunteer, spectator) for your patience, your support, and your positive attitudes.

The energy in the Box was awesome!  It was really great to see you all get behind each other, yelling and screaming, high-5ing and fist bumping.  One of the beautiful things about CrossFit, and CrossFit Masters in particular, is that egos are left behind and a genuine atmosphere of support and encouragement is on display for each other.  I love it!

I was actually meant to compete with you legends but I knew I would not have been able to focus so I reluctantly pulled out and in turn, focussed my attention on running the comp (there was a lot of FOMO on my part).

I am not an OCD person by nature but when it comes to running comps I really try to plan everything that is within my capacity.  We were a few minutes behind in the morning due to the miscommunication about the standards for WOD 1 (HSPU, BMU, KB workout).  If you guys (the athletes) were stressed, trust me, I was more so.  Unfortunately I was not aware of the “3 for 1” (choose your own adventure) options that were available.  I found out about it when you did so I want to offer my apologies for the confusion and any unnecessary anxiety that may have been created.  It would appear that everyone got on with it though and kicked arse!  Thanks guys.

Thank you all for keeping the place tidy, and also helping out with loading and unloading the bars.  It all made a difference to what we (the volunteers) had to do.

I hope you all enjoyed the day and came away with a positive experience.

I wish all of you athletes the best of luck in the next stage of competition, and I look forward to competing with you in the future.

Now, to my volunteers.  You guys are bloody awesome!!!!!  You all made me so proud today.  Everyone stepped up, rolled up their sleeves and just got stuck into it. There were some who were judging back to back to back all morning, whilst others were loading and unloading equipment non-stop. It was a workout for all!  There weren’t as many rest breaks for you as I would have liked – that’s on me. Thank you for treating the day as a big chipper and continuing to grind on through.  This is what we train for.  Your efforts, your attitudes, your work ethic and commitment did not go unnoticed.  Thank you!

On the arena floor I want to make special mention of Luke (Bunnings) and Liam (Diaz) who oversaw the judging teams for the workouts all day, and Ernie (E) who took charge of the equipment.  Thanks boyz!!!  You took a massive load off my shoulders.

To the legends looking after the scoring – Caro, Ranika and Met – it is a job that people just take for granted, but it is stressful, full-on and relentless.  Then throw in the odd complaint or objection from a well meaning athlete about a score and things get that little bit more complex.  Thank you for your positive attitudes in taking on a less-than-exciting but very important job.

Thank you to those of you who travelled from afar to help us at GEO – Mel, Met, Caro, Stacie, Spanner, Mons, and Ann-Marie.  You guys are unreal and your help today was very much appreciated!

I lastly want to thank Johanna, my wife for putting up with my many hours of having my face buried in front of computer screen of late (planning), and spending more time than normal at the gym sorting stuff out.  She too has also been busy helping me with logistics and running around all over the place getting stuff we needed.  And today she was pretty much looking after whatever I wasn’t looking after (which included trying to keep the toilets clean and the bins empty).  Thanks babe.

I hope everyone enjoyed the day.  I look forward to seeing you again either at GEO or at other locations.  Take care.  Train hard.  Stay cool.

I’m having a cider.

(Watch this space for an upcoming comp at GEO)


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