Weightlifting specific strength

A. 3 sets of:

5 Muscle Snatch + 5 Behind the Neck Press

B. 3 sets of:

6 Back Squat @ 70% of your 1RM


Alternating full rounds with a partner until 8 are completed:

10 Wallballs

100 Run

5 Half Hindus

rest 2 minutes

1 minute max cal row (partner 1)

1 minute max cal bike (partner 2) and then swap over.



Saturday Workshop

Today’s Workshop will focus again on all things Handstands.  If Handstands are something you need to work on, then don’t miss out in this. The fun kicks off at 9am.

Blue Mountains Hike 6 & 7 April

Don’t forget we are going bush next week with an overnight hike from Katoomba to Mount Solitary, and back the next day.  Let AB know if you are keen?  A few people are just doing a day trip only, walking from Katoomba to the Ruined Castle and returning by the afternoon.

Friday Night Lights 12 April

We are kicking off our first Friday Night Lights for the year.  We’ll be creating teams of mixed levels and then going head to head in a fun couple of hours of WODs and challenges.

First Aid Sunday 14 April

9am to about 2pm.  All are welcome to participate in this certified First Aid Course.  Cost is $110.

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