Today we will hit the second last workout of the Open.  We are nearly there.  Depending on your goals, you may want to approach this in a few different ways.

If you have your Bar Muscle Ups, then go at a reasonable pace through workout 1 to give yourself maximum time to knock out as many BMU reps as possible.  Don’t go too hard though because you might blow a gasket and have nothing left in the tank for the BMU’s.

If you are close to getting a BMU and today may be the first one, then I would suggest dialling things back a little through workout 1 so that you are as fresh as possible for the second workout.  Just getting one BMU will be a huge win!

If you pretty sure no mater what, you are not going to get a BMU today, then your job is to redline through workout 1 and finish it as quickly as possible!  Put the foot down and hang on for as long as you can, that way you get a good tiebreak time which will put you ahead of everyone else who doesn’t get a BMU.  Have your 3 min rest and then spend the remainder of the time trying for a BMU.  You might surprise yourself.

The same strategy applies to those doing pull-up instead of BMU’s.

Good luck to everyone coming in to have a go!




3 rounds of:

10 Snatches 43/29kg

12 Burpees over Bar

then rest 3 mins, before continuing with

3 rounds of:

10 Bar Muscle Ups (scaled to Pulll-ups)

12 Burpees over Bar


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