Sitting on the job…….or are they?

19.3 has definitely created some talk about the strict handstand push-ups which is the first time they have been programmed in the Open.  It’s a sign of the times that as CrossFitters get fitter, the tasks become more challenging.  Having said that, the first two movements are those which most of us can do regardless of our length of time CrossFitting or level of fitness.  As always, these and all movements can be scaled further for those who are not worried about submitting an official score to the Open Leaderboard.

The Strict Handstand Push-ups give everyone the opportunity to do a movement that will force them to step things up and try something that perhaps they have not been exposed to very often.  They are just another avenue for us to explore and test our fitness against.  So if you cannot do them, don’t get upset.  You are not alone.  What it should do is give you the motivation to start working on them……just like everything else we do.

Good luck to everyone having a go at the workout today.  Push yourself in the first two movements to give yourself the maximum amount of time to play with the handstands.



10 minutes to finish as many reps as possible (or the whole thing if you are an Avenger) of:

200ft single overhead dumbbell lunge (approx 61m, 22.5/15kg)
50 single dumbbell box step ups (22.5/15kg)
50 strict (yes, strict) handstand push-ups
200ft handstand walk (approx 61m)

For those of you who cannot do all of these movements, there is an official scaled option:

Substitute the overhead dumbbell lunge for a front rack dumbbell lunge.  You only have to hold one dumbbell.

The Box step-ups remain the same.

The Strict handstand push-ups are scaled to the same but with a raised surface for your head so that you are not traveling as far.  We can scale this further to Handstand push-ups off a Box or Push-ups for those who are not registered in the Open.

The Handstand Walk is caled to a Bear Crawl which everyone can do.

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