You may have heard some of us Coaches talk about ZUU.   What is ZUU?  It’s essentially a style of training that focuses on bodyweight movement.  It entails lots of “animal style” movements (Bear Crawls, Cobras, Joeys, Crocodiles) which you have been doing, along with other movements that really test your mobility and muscular endurance.

As with CrossFit, everything can be scaled and modified to the level you are at, so there is no need to be scared of it.

At the core of the training is a philosophy of community (just like what we have at GEO), where everyone is super supportive and encouraging of each other.  If you ever attend a ZUU class, you will hear the Coach yell out “Get a touch!!” and that’s your signal to go around the room and high-5 your fellow class mates.  IT’s a high energy environment.

We’ll be tapping into that today.  We (the Coaches) have been doing ZUU a few times each week to foster team building and bonding, but also to improve our muscular endurance and mobility. It transfers over very nicely to what we do in CrossFit, and as such, you will see more of it popping up in our programming.

Embrace it and have fun!




A. 4 sets of:

6 reps on each shoulder kneeling KB Presses

* Every time you finish a set, perform 3 Cobra Push-ups or Push-up pulses

B. 4 sets of:

5 Double Kettle Bell Front Squats

C. 4 sets of:

5  Double Kettle Bell Cleans


ZUU – time to move


4 rounds of:

10m Bear Crawls

10m Gorilla

10m Ape

***Run back to the start after each movement


3 minute AMRAP

10 Sidekicks

1 lap Crocodiles

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