Snatches and a Gasser

Today’s session will focus on Snatches.  You will firstly work on building pushing strength and stability overhead with the Behind The Neck Snatch Jerks, then you’ll be performing Power Snatches with a progressive increase in weight.  We want you to really be mindful about how you are moving your body and the bar.

To cap things off you’ll be dialling up the intensity with a nice little grinder of 400m Runs and Thrusters.  This one will get you breathing hard!

Get after it people!



A. 5 sets of:

1 Behind The Neck Snatch Jerk

*building weight

B. Power Snatch (technical waves)

2 x 3 at 60%

2 x 2 at 70%

3 x 1 at 75%

2 x 1 at 80%


Run and Thrusters

12 minute AMRAP

400m Run

10 Thrusters 42.5kg/30kg

20 Mountain Climbers


The CrossFit Open starts this Friday night from 5.15pm.  There will be a workout briefing and coaching provided at this time then we will begin running people through heats.  If you arrive later, see one of the Coaches and they will get you sorted.  If you want, you can still register at  Be sure to choose CrossFit Geo as your affiliate.

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