Best of luck to these two – Carolyn and Pete – who are competing in an indoor rowing championships today.  They have already proven themselves to be very capable rowers at the Pan Pacs last year where they both brought home medals.

Good luck also to the RED ARMY of GEO members heading out to Homebush to tackle the 5km Spartan Race.  It’s going to be challenging but it’s also going to be fun!

And lastly, all the best to our Mel down at CrossFit Huey in Ulladulla who is hosting the ACT Masters League competition.  Bunnings, Diaz and Reace have all headed down there to share their experience and give Mel a hand.

****Please note, there will only be an 8am class today.  There will be no 9am workshop.



A. Superset:

2 x 10 Push Press

2 x 6 seated Single Arm KB Press

B. Superset:

2 x 10 Bentover Barbell Row (supernated)

2 x 6 Single Arm KB Row


For time:

400m buy in

3 rounds of:

5 Burpees

10 KB Swings

20m Broad Jump

400m buy out

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