SLOW AND SMOOTH IS FAST – Today we are going to focus on the Snatch.  We will work on building some strength in the initial pull from the floor (Snatch Deadlift) and try to hold a good position with our chest up and a strong drive through the legs. Then we are going to work on our overhead strength and positioning with the Behind the Neck Press to reinforce a stable catch position.  These two movements are a really good way to work on components of the Snatch that, done properly, will improve our overall Snatch.

For our conditioning piece today we will put into practice what we have just worked on by putting Snatches in the WOD.   Quite often when we do this format in a session (STRENGTH/TECHNIQUE then CONDITIONING) we see some really good improvements in technique and movement, but as soon as we put the clock on for a conditioning workout, all of that goodness gets thrown out the window in exchange for moving fast and getting a good time.

Our challenge to you is to find that balance where you are moving fast, but also moving well.  You are staying on this side of the line of moving mindfully and not crossing over to dysfunction.  Don’t worry about the clock or how fast the person beside you is going.  Focus on yourself.

Slow and steady is fast.  In time you will move more efficiently, you will build good movement patterns, you will lift heavier and you will move faster.



A. Snatch Deadlift from deficit

3 x 8

B. Behind The Neck Push Press in snatch grip

3 x 8


Fort time:

400m Run

10 Snatches 50/35kg

300m Run

15 Snatches 45/30kg

200m Run

20 Snatches 40/25kg

100m Run

25 Snatches 35/20kg

*22 minute timecap

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