We all get injuries.  Sometimes it is from training – if we have pushed harder than we should or if we have gone heavier than our technique allows.  We also bring injuries with us from outside of the gym – injuries from work, or sport, or accidents.

Whatever the case may be, we (the Coaches) would love to know because we do not want you to aggravate your injury or slow down the rehab process.

The Coaches are more than happy to modify the class workouts or give you something totally different to do so that you are still training and not adversely affecting your injury.

An injury may be the perfect opportunity for you to focus on getting really good at something else that you have been avoiding.  For example, if you have a knee issue that makes it really hard or painful for you to do leg work, then you can do some upper body work and, say, build your strength to be able to do a pull-up.

Likewise, if you have a shoulder issue, then, in addition to doing rehab, you can also focus on building your leg and core strength.

There are always work-arounds.  The only reason you have to stop training is if you want to and you want to use the injury as an excuse.

So, if you have an injury and you do not want it to get worse, and you want to continue training, inform the Coaches.

We are there to help you get better.

– AB




Muscle Snatch + Hang Power Snatch

5 x 2+2

just rebuilding from the break, getting the right movement patterns.  Focus is on bar closeness and turnover speed.

Overhead stability

In a clean grip build to a heavy 3RM Push Press.  Once you have done this take the weight back to 50% of this and do a max overhead hold.



8 minute AMRAP of:

8 Toes to Bar

8 Power Cleans 45/30kg

40 Double Unders

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