New Saturday Timetable – 8am Class and 9am Workshop

Don’t forget……

There is no longer a 7am Open Gym.  Saturdays will now consist of an 8am class and a 9am Workshop session.  Today the workshop will focus on the Jerk.  Feel free to come in.



A. E2mOM for 14 minutes

5 Back Squats – building weight

Then drop back to 50% of what you got to and perform a 5 minute AMRAP of back squats.

B.  Push Press from racks

3 x 5 with a 3 second eccentric each rep (stay light focus is on control)

Every time you finish a set, max Ring Push-Ups


3 rounds of:

50 Russian Twist with bodyweight

30 sec Hollow Hold

30 sec Rest

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