For 3 days last week a large contingent of GEO Masters athletes and friends travelled north to Queensland to compete in the Pan Pacific Masters Games.

These athletes included “Individual Athletes” Adam Kain, Julie Uren, Carolyn Swindell, Pete Cooke, Rachael King, Morv Reid (who recently left but we will still claim her), and “Pairs Athletes” Mel and Mat Jenkins, Mark Uren and Mark Burchall, Alex Power and Brad Klevansky, myself and Mel from CrossFit Huey, and former member Heidi Warren and her partner Dave.

This is one of the biggest Masters CrossFit comps in Australia which draws athletes from all over the Pacific Region.  As such, there is a solid level of competition and the calibre of athlete ranges from the novice to CrossFit Games athletes.

As a Coach I was very proud to see so may from GEO get involved in this epic event, especially those for whom it was their first taste of competing – Julie, Carolyn, Pete, and Matt.

There was plenty of anxiety and nerves leading up to and during the event, but as would be expected, everyone performed out of their skin, and the level of sportsmanship, integrity and support shown from our crew was second to none.

I hope this has lit a fire in the belly of those competition virgins because you guys should be holding your heads up high for your efforts.  I also hope that others at GEO who have been too scared to get involved do so in the future.

There is nothing like competition to discover something new about yourself.  As Pete said, “the experience is exhilarating.”  Sure, it hurts while you are doing it, but the feeling afterwards is something very very special. You feel alive, and satisfied, and proud, and…..exhilarated.

It brings people together and creates a bond forged in “battle”.

Congratulations to all who entered the arena, regardless of if you came first or last.  The effort you all put in was the same.

I hope you are all proud of yourselves because I am proud of you.





A. For time (with a 12 minute cap):


Burpee Box Jumps

Calorie Row

Dumbbell Hang Power Clean and Jerks – 15kg

B. 7 minute AMRAP of:

7 Deadlifts 50/35kg

7 Snatches 50/35kg

7 Toes to Bar

C. 3 rounds for time of:

20 Wallballs

20 Push-Ups

20 Kettlebell Swings 24/16kg

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