Best of luck to GEO’s contingent of old fart athletes competing in the Pan Pacific Masters comp in Queensland today – Kaino, Carolyn and Pete, Mel and Matt, Julie, Mark Uren and Mark Burchall, Rachael, Alex and Brad, Morv, and AB, plus special guests Mel from CrossFit Huey and Heidi from APA in Coffs.

It’s going to be 9 workouts over 3 days, a heap of voltaren being rubbed into joints, and a helluva a party on Saturday night.  Wishing everyone comes back in one piece.




Single leg work

Single leg deadlift

4sets, 12 reps (6 each leg)

Reverse lunges

4 sets 12 reps (6 each leg)

20m bear crawl, forwards/backwards
1min rest between sets.

(Optional mobility)/ Metcon

4 rounds:
10 burpees
30 air squats
200m run

Single leg work to iron out imbalances that may have come from leg work earlier this week. This is a superset, with same weights for both (ie. Finish RDL’s, immediately clean and back-rack barbell, straight into lunges).Build to moderately challenging set on last set, shouldn’t be going to failure.

Practice your crawling, this is an important skill to develop for your coordination, back, shoulder and knee health. Take your time with this, small steps with both hands and feet.

Metcon, leg burner. Should be able to go pretty fast, ensure you hit standards on burpees and squats, DO NOT CHEAT YOURSELF, be tough on the standards you hold yourselves to.

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