With Grace…..

A. Primer
12 minute EMOM
1) 5 clean Pulls w/focus on eccentric
2) 4 power cleans
3) 3 push jerk

1 minute rest

30 clean and jerks for time @60/40kg

Today we will be doing Grace in what some would call a fatigued state, but I would call it a ‘primed’ state.

Initial primer:
-clean pulls with focus on eccentric in order to develop the skill of returning to a good position whilst doing touch and go reps. Ensure whilst lowering the weight you are keeping your chest up and keeping tension in your legs/quads as opposed to hamstrings and lower back.
-power cleans, priming the movement and practicing the lowering in a more controlled environment (ie. From shoulders as opposed to overhead).
-shoulder to overhead, priming the shoulders whilst also warming up the ‘plyometric’ reaction of the body to be able to absorb a load and transfer that stored up energy into the next rep. Ensure these are touch and go off the shoulders.

Ideally, the EMOM should be performed at whatever weight you are going to perform Grace at.

Practice the skills you just primed under a more stressful environment. Do not just grip it and rip and throw everything out the window. Be mindful of your movements whilst adding some more speed and metabolic fatigue into the mix and see how your body reacts!

Learn Learn Learn!

– Coach DIaz

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