Functional Bodybuilding



Every 90 seconds for 18 Minutes

Alternating Movements:

1 – 16 KB Front Rack Reverse Lunges Alternating Legs

2 – 8 per arm Glute Bridge Single Arm DB Floor Press

3 – 8 per arm DB Chainsaw Rows

4 – 10 per arm Plank Banded Pull Throughs

Workout Intent: This is not a for time workout, nor is it an AMRAP, so take your time with the movements and train yourself to become more aware of what you’re actually doing. Train that mind to muscle connection. Focus on controlling the eccentric phase of the movements (downward phase or the lengthening of the muscle you’re targeting). All movements should be performed unbroken, so choose a weight that’s going to be challenging but not too challenging. Feel free to stick to the same weight for all sets or build in weight over the 3 sets


3 Rounds For Time:

10 Push Ups

10 Supinated Grip Pull Ups

10 Dual DB Power Cleans 20/15kg

10 DB Push Press 20/15kg

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