The weekend is a time to chill; to relax; to put aside the stress of the week gone by; to recompose and recover.  It can also be a time to inject some excitement or challenge into your life if your past week has been a bit of a drag.

So why not get into the the gym and hit a workout to kick-start your weekend. Get some happy hormones floating around the body before you embark on a couple of days of doing whatever it is you want to do.

The 7am session is an Open Gym session – a perfect time to grab a few  mates and design your own workout to do together.  Or, come in at 8am and join the class under Coach Reace.  There will be a good mix of strength and cardio in there to get the juices flowing.

The GEO Beach sessions will be back soon.

“The Human Spirit Thrives On Challenge”

– AB

Published by Wilsy

Crossfit Coach

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