Today’s workout will test your ability to cycle through a certain volume of reps using efficient technique for 3 different barbell movements.  This WOD is meant to be challenging but we want you to choose a starting weight that allows you to go unbroken for each individual movement, or with one rest at most in that first set.  If you are having multiple rests in each movement in the first set then you have gone too heavy, bearing in mind that the weights continue to get heavier as you progress through the workout.

If you are not sure, ask a Coach, or you may in fact be told by a Coach to go lighter.



Barbell Cycling For Time:

9 Deadlifts 60/40kg

9 Power Cleans 60/40kg

9 S20H 60/40kg
200m Row

6 Deadlifts 80/60kg

6 Power Cleans 80/60kg

6 S2OH 80/60kg

200m Row

3 Deadlifts 100/80kg

3 Power Cleans 100/80kg

3 S2OH 100/80kg

200m Row


4 sets of:

6 Hip Thrusts (AHAP)

Rest 2 minutes between sets

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