GETTING TO KNOW YOU – Luke “Bunnings” Fulham

Did you know that our very own Coach Bunnings is off to Brisbane this week to compete in the Australian Nationals for Olympic Weightlifting?  Not bad for a guy who only seriously took up the sport about two years ago.  Just goes to show that if you are truly passionate about attaining a goal, and you are willing to put in the work to get there, then anything is possible.

Here’s a short interview we did to get some insight into the big man and his training, and also kick off what will be a regular segment for GEO – the “Getting to Know You” series, where we will speak to Coaches, members and other inspiring people outside of our community.

Hope you enjoy it.

***PLEASE NOTE – there is a brief expletive (rude word) right at the end of the interview.  Block your ears.



24 minute EMOM

1)5 Back Squats @70%

2)15 Push-ups

3)4 Back Squats @70%

4)200m Run

5)3 Back squats @70%

6)5 box jumps 30/24′

Intent: Classic strength building under fatigue.

This workout is predominately designed to expose you to a situation where you must brace for a heavy load while breathing heavy. One thing in life is for certain, it doesn’t matter how well you prepare, you are going to get punched in the mouth. This means that you will never have a situation where conditions are perfect in order for you to execute a perfect movement. Think of a fight or rugby game. Back squats are meant to be challenging but manageable. Push-ups are there to further accumulate some mid-range pressing volume, adding on to Mondays workout. 200m run is there to induce heavy breathing and make the squats harder. If you cannot complete the distance in 40seconds, scale the distance. Back squats, small set, but must be an explosive one due to the height. This is not meant to induce heavy breathing, but to add an element of focus to the workout. If you are not fully present and are just going through the motions, you will trip. Get after it guys!

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