As a Coach, it is really good to see members embracing a scaled movement and doing it with mindfulness and a desire to lay down a solid foundation in order to progress. Last week we had Toes to Bar in a workout. Suzannah and Ash, both with very different experience and fitness levels, nonetheless did a version of the movement (Suzannah – hollow to arch swings with straight leg raises; Ash – hollow to arch swings with her feet on the ground) that ensured they would build some good movement patterns and muscle memory in order to get better.

There are some challenging movements in today’s WOD and at first glance you may think, “what’s the point, I can’t do half of that”.  The point is to put your ego aside (don’t worry about what others think or how you are perceived) and come in anyway because you can work through the WOD with the same intensity and focus on efficiency and good movement by doing a version of the movement that is appropriate to your skill and fitness level.

For instance, we may get you to do jumping Chest to Bar Pull-ups off a Box instead of regular Chest to Bar Pull-ups.  We may get you to do seated Dumbbell Press, or a Pike Handstand Push-up off a Box instead of normal Handstand Push-ups.

What we (the Coaches) ask of you is that no matter what movement you do (scaled or not), you perform it with mindfulness and a focus on achieving the standard.  You will never be able to progress to more complex movements if you cheat the range of motion, knowingly or unknowingly.

Yes, you may have got a faster time, but was it worth it when you actually didn’t do the workout properly, and most likely everyone knows you cut corners – the Coaches see it and the other members see it.  Don’t be that person.

Come in and do “your” version of the workout properly.





For time:

1km Run

70 KBS 24/16kg

50 Deadlifts 70/50kg

30 Chest to Bar Pull-ups


5 Muscle Ups

1km Row

*Scaling and modification are available for all who need them

**35 minute cap


100m Walking Lunges


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