Isabelle has only been with us a short time but her background in Gymnastics has really helped her to pick things up quickly.



3 Rounds of:
15 Bar Facing Burpees
12 Deadlifts 80/55kg
200m Run
*2 minute rest between rounds

Rest full recovery (ie. 5 minutes)

For time:

Shoulder to overhead

First three rounds – interval training, developing some endurance in the posterior chain. Aim to get progressively faster each round. This means DO NOT REDLINE round 1! Learn how to pace that first round and be able to access that rush of adrenaline later in the workout. If you were in a fight and you emptied your tank in the initial contact, and you didn’t beat the other person, you now have no energy left to defend yourself and they will kill you. Learn how to calm yourself down and access that adrenaline when YOU want to. Be in control. Go for everything on that final round though, ALL OUT SPRINT!

Wallballs and shoulder to overhead – shoulder blaster. Weight is challenging for some but an unbroken set of 21 reps should be able to be completed with the chosen weight if you are fresh. Heavier shoulder stimulus than was seen in Jackie earlier in the week, hitting different fibre types here. Wallballs are there to get you out of breath, and should be completed unbroken.

– Coach Diaz

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