So many people feel they need to come in and hit a workout hard so that they are sweaty, and out of breath, and the heart rate is through the roof.  Yep, that’s cool for a couple of sessions during the week, but sometimes we need to dial things back a bit and focus on quality movement to help us build a base, so that we can then go heavier and faster in a safe and efficient manner down the track.  Today is one such day.

When you focus on quality there is no where to hide.  You cannot use the excuse that you were out of breath or fatigued.  I think this is why some people avoid such sessions because their ego might take a hit.  Trust me – no one cares.

Quality movement means you do what YOU can to perform the given task to the best of YOUR ability.  So, for instance, if you can hold a handstand position against the wall for 30 secs – can you hold it with a really good hollow position, with your feet together, your arms locked out and with active shoulders? If you can do that – can you do it free standing?  If you cannot hod a handstand for 30 secs – can you hold it for 15 secs?

There are always ways you can progress a movement or skill.  Don’t settle on just being able to do enough to get through a workout.  Adopt a GROWTH mindset and try to do it better.  Move better and your body will thank you for it.  Move better and your performance will improve.  If you fail, use that as opportunity to reflect on how you can do it better and then try again.  That’s how you improve.

Watch Diaz and the way he performs everything – it is with mindfulness and a focus on good technique.  What we are doing today would be something that he typically performs a couple of times a week, even if it is just as a warm-up.

Through a strong focus and commitment to quality movement, Diaz has been able to do things that we all wish we could.



20 min EMOM (change every minute to next skill)

1 – 30 second Handstand Hold

2 – 15 Kipping Swings

3 – 20m Crab Walk

4 – Plank Walk-ups x 20


5 x 200m Run w/ 20 Double Unders at the end of each round. Rest in between sets.


3 x 50m Bodyweight Lunge

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