Tonight we will be launching our new “4-week Focus Workshops” where every 4 weeks we will expose you to a different discipline or training modality such as Gymnastics, Strongman, Endurance, Yoga, Lifting etc.

We will spend 4 weeks every Thursday night at 7.15pm going through different progressions so that by the end you will have a better foundation of knowledge, skill and movement.

Tonight we will kick off with Gymnastics.  It doesn’t matter where you are at or what you can do – we will have a drill and progression that you can focus on over the next 4 weeks to tweak your technique and explore new skills.

All are welcome.  Whilst attendance at all 4 sessions is not mandatory, it is highly recommended so that you can really get your teeth into it and build some good movement patterns and consistency.

Hope to see you there.

– AB




5 sets of:

3 Jerks from rack @ 70%

looking for strong lockout and great push with the legs


16 minute EMOM:

1 – 20 Kipping swings

2 – Bottom of push-up hold 15 seconds

3 – 20 second L-sit

4 – 10 V-ups


500m Row slow pace


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