We have sprinkled Animal Movements into our programming at GEO over the last couple of years because they are a great way to warm-up and an even better way to challenge our mobility, coordination, balance and agility. A lot of people shy away from them because they can highlight inadequacies in flexibility and movement patterns.  But this is precisely why we should be doing them.  So that we can identify weaknesses and work on them so that they are no longer so.

Many of these movements are ones that a baby, toddler, and child perform naturally without thinking.  So why is it that as an adult we find these movements challenging?  I would suggest that we have forgotten the art of PLAY. We have become more rigid (physically, mentally, emotionally and socially) the older we get because that is what society dictates.  Because we have tied ourselves down to our jobs, our families, our modes of transport, our screens (big, small, portable).  Because we martyr ourselves with all of these  things that society dictates should be our priorities – work, family (and the screen which seems to permeate all aspects of our lives) and we do not allow ourselves the time to PLAY.

Well I would like to raise a middle finger to society and say, “No, I will not be restricted to a life of no play, exploration or adventure.”  I will get outdoors and play with my kids or my dog.  I will learn how to surf at the age of 45.  I will head down to the park or the beach and crawl, and jump, and skip, and twist and climb.  I will throw a frisby/ball.  I will walk along the length of a low brick wall.

Embrace these animal flow movements as your opportunity to PLAY.  Move your body in foreign ways (foreign to adults, that is) to promote better balance and coordination, joint strength and mobility.  Tap back into the child inside of you.  You just might enjoy it.



A. 4 sets of:

8 Deadlifts (Touch n Go)

B. 4 sets of:

1:20sec Planks


A. Tabata Assault Bike:

6 rounds 15 sec ON/15 sec OFF

B. Animal Flow

20 minute flow of these movements 1 lap each

Bear crawl

Ape crawl





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