Movement EMOM 12 (3 rounds)
1) 30 sec wall Handstand hold
2) 10 pistols (3 sec eccentric)
3) 20 hollow->arch swings
4) 15 second bottom of dip hold

-Focus for EMOM is on quality movement rather than going to failure or fatiguing early.
-Handstand hold can be scaled to box HS hold with straight legs, if still not achievable, scale to straight arm plank hold (top of push-up position)
-Pistols: the eccentric is the focus. Using this to get a feel for controlling weight shifts and maintaining balance. Do not lose tension in the bottom to achieve the rep, build strength throughout the whole ROM. Cut down reps first before skipping out on the eccentric. Scale to pistols to a bench, pistols to a bench holding a plate, etc.
-H2A swings, focus on keeping feet together, pointing toes and straight arm push down when in hollow- this strength is crucial to other movements. First set, start low amplitude. Increase speed and height if skill level allows over each set.
Scale to 20second deadhang with shoulder activations, or 30 second hollow hold on floor.
-Bottom of dip hold- position is the focus. If you cannot hold all of your weight in the end-range position, take some of your weight in your feet rather than holding at a higher position.

3 rounds:
10 Thrusters 30kg/20kg
10 Lateral burpees over bar

1 min rest

3 rounds:
10 Hang power cleans 30/20kg
10 Box jumps 24/20″

1 min rest

3 rounds:
30 Deadlifts 30/20kg
10 Situps (with abmat)

-first 2 couplets focus on speed of movement and reaching that high intensity. Weights should be light enough to cycle fast. Don’t think about the next 2 movements. Burpees are lateral in order to encourage speed and high intensity. Same with the hang power cleans. All sets should be unbroken and a shock to the system.
-final couplet is lower intensity, more of a flush out. Deadlifts should still be unbroken though as the weight is light. Situps are there to get some good spinal movement in, so use of the abmat is encouraged.

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