One of GEO’s Masters – Mark Burchall

Today we’ll be running the Masters League Workout during all classes.  Don’t worry if you are not a Master or if you are not registered – just treat this like a normal workout.  Once the workout is done, we’ll hit a surprise team WOD




12min EMOM for Reps of:

1 min CAL ROW

1 min PULL UPS (Jumping Pull-ups for Soldier & Warrior 55+)

1 min DOUBLE UNDERS (Singles for Soldier)

1 min DB SNATCH (22.5/15kg for Hero/Warrior 35-54; 15/10kg for Hero/Warrior 55+ & Soldier 35-54; 15/10 for Soldier 55+)

– Treat this like Fight Gone Bad and think about where your strengths lie. Transition times between movements will be a key factor in this workout so try to set up all of your equipment close to each other of possible.  Getting in and out of the Rower takes time so give yourself 5-10 secs either side to do this.

– Out of the 4 movements this is the slowest of them all to acquire reps
– It is also the movement that takes the longest to get in and out of
– Row for about 45-50 then get yourself out and move to the pull-up rig

– Depending on whether or not you can do Butterfly or Kipping Pull-ups this will be one of the faster movements to acquire reps in.
– Focus on this movement should be in managing your grip over the entirety of the workout, so small sets should be done – 5-10 reps, 2-3 breaths then go again. When you are resting make sure that you are under the bar so you can just jump back on.

Dumbell Snatches
– In order to hit the standards for this movement while still moving well it would be beneficial to put the dumbbell down in between each rep. Not only does this keep your back from blowing up it also means that you won’t risk getting no-repped.

– Think about resting and catching a breath while the dumbbell is locked out overhead.

Double Unders
– By far the easiest movement to get reps on if you have your double unders down pat.
– The transition from these to the Dumbell Snatches is also very easy to handle because you can leave your rope close to the dumbbell.
– There are two things to focus on when doing these:
Breathing – people tend to stop and hold their breath and tense up during this movement which makes them significantly harder to perform.  Stay relaxed; and
It’s all in the wrists – try to avoid big arm movements. as this will tire you out. The position you have your hands for your singles should be the same position for your double unders.

(Watch this space for more training, health and fitness tips for Masters athletes from the Ol’ Dogs Method)

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