“The Open” is over and we can now get back to some uninterrupted mindful programming to make you guys bulletproof.

Our programming has gone through constant evolution over the 7 years that we have been operating.  Why? Because we (the Coaches) do not know everything.  We are always learning new techniques and methods.  We are constantly researching (reading, watching and trialling) what is happening in the Strength and Conditioning world, as well as in other disciplines of health and fitness that we feel may be of benefit to you.  Sometimes that is at odds with what we have previously advocated and sometimes it takes us in a new direction.  But at the end of the day, we are attempting to provide a program that keeps you on a trajectory of progress and improvement.

With that in mind we will be hitting some new accessory movements this month to help promote a more balanced athlete (you) and also prevent injury, with a focus on the following areas:

  • Strength Building
  • Tabata Conditioning on both the Rower and the Assault Bike
  • Laying a solid Gymnastics Foundation
  • Olympic Lifting Positional Strength

For those who feel that they can go a little bit harder or heavier than the prescribed workout, we will also be offering opportunities to “Scale UP” in some MetCons, so there will be plenty of options to cater to all levels and mindsets.



A. 5 sets of 5 Tempo Halting Clean Deadlifts

***Hold bar in tight at the top of the knee and then in the Power Position.  Build weight slowly.

B. 3 sets of 3 Power Cleans

***Keep it light and work on bar path and extension

C. Superset 3 sets of:

10 Russian Kettlebell Swings

10 Kettlebell Lunges


A. Assault Bike/Rower

6 sets of 10 secs WORK/20 secs REST

B. 3 min AMRAP:

Dumbbell Ground to Overhead


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