The CrossFit Masters

by Henrick Nielsen

“​When I started with CrossFit there were two things that fascinated me a lot.
One was the extreme workouts that were calling for different attributes like strength, stamina, agility, power, speed etc
It almost seemed like the sport were able to produce superhumans that were capable of anything.
The other was that age didn’t seem to matter.
At that time I just turned 40 and if I should follow the majority of people in my age I should have picked up golf, running or biking but absolutely not a sport like CrossFit.
So it really fascinated me to see people that were older than me and even in the same age as my parent doing things that even I couldn’t do – it seemed like their bodies had forgotten to get old.
In this interview and three coming ones, I have gotten the chance to interview some of these extreme fit Master Athletes, actually the fittest on earth. All placed amongst top three in the 2017 CrossFit Games…..” 

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A. 3RM Thruster from the floor


A. 3 x 30m Bear Crawls with a focus on coordination, balance and stability.

***To make things harder, push a slamball with each step


B. 5 x 3 Front Squat tempo work

***3 sec descent for each rep, working around 70%


8 min AMRAP:

30 sec Plank

30 Kettlebell Swings 24/16kg

30 Wallballs

30 Sit-ups

***RX+ options –

Plank Hold = Handstand Hold

KBS = 32/24kg

Wallballs = Wallball Clean into Wallball

Sit-ups = Weighted, arms locked out with weight, then squeeze and sit-up straight


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