The Return of 18.2 to GEO

Alex is spurred in by Mark

Some tips if you are doing this WOD for the first time:

Treat rounds 1 to 6 as a warm-up.  Move through the reps with a consistent pace but do not go all out.  For rounds 7 to 10, increase the intensity and push harder.  This WOD is comprised of two parts, which means there are 2 scores – one score for how fast you finish the 1-10 squats and burpees, and the other score for how weight of your clean.  If you go out too hard in the squats and burpees you will blow out.

For the Clean, make sure that you have warmed up before the workout with some lifts up to about 70-80% of your 1RM Clean.  Have your bar set up to this weight or slightly heavier (depending on how you felt) so that as soon as you are  ready after the squats and burpees, you can lift.

Good luck!




“Open Workout 18.2”

12 min AMRAP

1-10 Dumbbell Squats (2 dumbbells) 22.5/15kg

1-10 Bar Facing Burpees

***The goal is to finish this under 12 mins because in the time remaining, you then must perform:

1RM Clean (from the floor.  Can be a Power or Squat Clean)

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