Hey guys, just a heads up on the classes for tomorrow – please read through if you plan on coming in.
The workout for all classes tomorrow will be Open Workout 18.1. If you come to class tomorrow, expect to do that workout, regardless of if you are officially registered for the competition or not.
With this in mind, please note the following:
* The workout can be scaled and modified to your level, beyond the “official” scaled option, just like any workout we do.
* The workout is 20 mins long and we want everyone to partner up and have a judge/be judged. Right from the outset, that’s 40mins we need to dedicate to the workout, leaving 20 mins to transition, coach, warm-up etc etc. Please try to arrive a few minutes earlier to start warming up on your own so that we can dive straight in.
*Please familiarise yourself with the workout if you have not already by watching the video below and reading the standards. It will save a lot of time.
If you do not understand, don’t stress, the coaches will still run through it all.
* Please note that if we do run short on equipment because of large class numbers – Rowers, Dumbbells – priority for the equipment will be given to those who are registered. All this means is that if you are not registered, you may have to substitute the bike for the rower, or you may have to use a slightly lighter or heavier dumbbell. You will still get in a workout.
* PLEASE DO NOT DROP THE DUMBBELLS. A dropped dumbbell will result in a NO REP.
We are being very strict on this as dumbbells were damaged last year during the Open and they may not survive another year of dropping. Place it down with control. Thank you.
* You can still register for the competition if you want to.
Good luck everyone!

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