Next Saturday 10th Feb, we will be hosting “The Rx Method” Jump Rope workshop.  Rx Smart Gear Ropes are pretty much the rope of choice for many CrossFit athletes, whether that be for regular training or competition.  And the guys who run Rx Smart Gear are experts in the field.  We are lucky enough to have Daniel Cook (Regionals athlete and one of the Instructors of the Rx Method Jump Rope course) come out to GEO to run a 2 hour workshop from 8am to 10am.  It is open to anyone who wants to improve their jump rope skills and efficiency.  That means if you want to learn how to do double unders, come along.  And if you can do double unders but you want to get better – come along.  The cost is $70 and you can book your spot on the course by hitting the link below:


On Friday 23 February we will be hosting “WOD, EAT, DRINK” – a night of celebrations, WODs, eating and drinking.  Workout 18.1 of the CrossFit Games Open will be announced earlier in the day.  From 5pm we will be running 18.1 at GEO.  We encourage everyone to get involved and come and join us for a fun night.  We’ll hit the workout (whatever that may be); we’ll shout and scream at each other to support and encourage; we’ll hand out high-5’s and fist bumps by the plenty; we’ll reflect with a big friggin grin on how we just stepped up to the arena and had crack; and then we’ll eat, drink and be merry!

In true community feel, we ask that everyone bring a dish to share – savoury or sweet, salads or meat, paleo or not.  We’ll make a list of dishes and you can tick off what you would like to bring so that we don’t have everyone bringing in the same thing.  We’d like to get a nice spread of healthy and not-so-healthy, hot and cold, savoury and sweet dishes.  Also bring along a 6-pack of your favourite beverage because yo know you’ll want to celebrate with a cold one when you’re done with the WOD.

If you are on Facebook, RSVP via the link below.  If you are not on Facie, send me a message by text, email, phone call or smoke signal.




Overhead Squats 5 x 5

***Build up over the 5 sets


20 min EMOM (every 5 mins)

400m Run

10 Overhead Squats 40/30kg

5 Snatches 40/30kg

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