Reframe the way you think about things.

We all want to do different things yet often we do not pursue them because of the way we think/speak about them in the context of other things we do.  For example, “I want to train more” but “I have work to do”.  By placing the word “but” there, you have already created doubt that you will be able to do both and you have subconsciously adopted a defeatist attitude.

Instead, reframe the proposition as “I want to train more” and “I have work to do”.  The word “and” in this context suggests that it is possible.  If something is really important to you then you will make the time to pursue it.

The way you communicate to yourself and others goes a long way towards the actions you take.

Replace the word “but” with “and”.



4 sets of:

6 Chin-ups

15 Push-ups


16 min EMOM

1- 1 Heavy Power Clean & Jerk

2 – 10 Toes to Bar

3 – 30 Double Unders

4 – 15 Squats

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