Ever thought about what it takes to be a Navy Seal? Watch this video.

We are mixing things up a little today.  First you are going to hit a conditioning piece (get the heart rate up, breathe hard, sweat a little), then whilst under fatigue, you will be asked to hit a 4RM Front Squat.  Safety is always the main priority so do not go crazy on the Front Squat.  You’ll have 9 minutes to build up which is plenty of time.

The ability to perform under fatigue and stress the body in a different manner to which it is accustomed (you would be used to Strength then Conditioning), prepares us for all manner of challenges both mentally and physically.



For time:

200m Run

50 Kettlebell Swings 24/16kg

100 Wallballs

100 Double Unders

***11 min timecap


For weight:

4RM Front Squat (from the floor)

***9 min timecap


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