The intent of today’s training is to get comfortable with a reasonably heavy Power Clean and hit it for 3 reps with good form.  If in order to maintain good form you are going lighter that what you have done before, that is perfectly fine.  Focus on moving better in a consistent manner and you just watch your weights go up over time.

For the MetCon, the intention is to get used to performing a high volume of reps so that you become comfortable with it and strategise your efforts and rests accordingly.

Now high volume for me may mean a different thing to you and that will come down to your proficiency in the movements.  Knowing what your body is capable of and being able to pace yourself so that you can break up your reps and have minimal rest in between is a key factor in performing in an efficient manner.

For example, I may be able to knock out 40 reps unbroken for my Wallballs but I know that I’m going to be blowing really hard at the end of it and it may fatigue my shoulders too much to be able to go straight onto the Toes to Bar.  I might end up having to break my Toes to Bar up into 4 sets of 5.  However, if I have a short break after 20 Wallballs and then do the remaining 20, I may arrive at the Toes to Bar in a better state and only have to break them up once which will result in a quicker time.

These are things you need to experiment with and make mental notes about so that you can approach each workout with knowledge of how your body will cope.



Power Clean 3RM


2 rounds for time of:

40 Wallballs

20 Toes to Bar

20 cal Row

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