Who wants to be able to do a Bar Muscle-up?

Who wants to be able to do a Handstand Push-up?

Maybe you just want to improve your body awareness and control; or maybe you want to improve your technique.

Whatever your goal, clearly gymnastics is a big part of our CrossFit programming, so it makes sense to spend some time learning and improving the skills. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with scaling movements, but do you always want to be using a band for pull-ups?  Don’t you want to actually do a pull-up on your own?  If you do, well guess what?  It is actually going to take some dedication on your part and some consistent effort.

That is why we are now running these classes.  So that you can take the responsibility for seizing this opportunity to really get your teeth into specific movements.

From this Saturday we will commence our 10am Gymnastics class.  This will replace the Olympic Lifting class.  The plan at this stage is to swap every few months between the two (the Thursday night Olympic Lifting class will continue).

We will focus our attention on one particular movement every 2-3 weeks so that you get plenty of exposure, practice and reinforcement.  The first movement we will be looking at is the BAR MUSCLE-UP.

Interest and attendance to the class will determine how many Coaches we have on.  The more participants, the more Coaches.  If you are keen, can I please ask you to email me – or comment on the Facebook post attached to this.

We are running this for YOU.  If you are keen, then come along and get involved.

– AB




10 min EMOM

1 Push Jerk @ 70%


For time:

100 Double Unders

20 Clean and Jerks 60/40kg

20 Burpees Over Bar

20 Strict Pull-ups

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