Today I woke up and had a real hankering for a bacon and egg roll.  Not just any bacon and egg roll, but one with free range eggs, tomato chutney, good quality bacon, on a brioche bun.  Sounds good right.

When I arrived at my local cafe, mouth salivating from the thought of what was to come, I thought about the upcoming two day competition I’ll be participating in tomorrow. I thought about how I am not quite feeling up to speed after returning from a 6 week trip to Africa.  I thought about how brutal and challenging this competition is (I’ve done it a number of times before) and how I am going to be taxing my body for two days straight. I thought about how at 45 years of age my body does not recover as fast nor does it handle as easily one day of competition, let alone two. I thought about how next Thursday I  have to fly up to Queensland and take part in another two day comp for the Masters League State of Origin.  Then I thought about whether or not I would be better served by a meal that, whilst comprised of some good quality products, is still a bacon and egg roll with minimal nutrient density, or should I have a meal that is packed full of nutrition to prepare my body for the onslaught to come.

So I set aside my craving for a bacon and egg roll and instead had mushrooms (4 types), silverbeet, poached eggs, shaved parmesan, and roasted seeds on wholemeal sourdough toast. The meal was delicious and I know I made the right choice…….for me.

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