Listen to Kara Webb – she drops some pearls of wisdom that you just might benefit from.

“Being the champion is not coming first.  The champion is the one who puts in the effort int he last hour” (paraphrased from Kara Webb)

This is a really good podcast and well worth listening to. Michael Cazayoux interviews Kara Webb (2nd place getter at the 2017 CrossFit Games) about her life, the massive ups and downs she endured coming into the games season, and how she changed her mindset to improve her life.  There are so many golden nuggets of useful information she shares, which you can implement into your own life to make things better.  Give it a listen guys.  



A. 90 sec Deadhang                           

B. Push Press 4-4-4-4                   



3 sets of:                    

Run 400m                         

Row 250m                       

Bike 20/15 cals               

***Record time for each set. Rest at least 3 mins between sets

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