Are you prepared to make small changes to your life?

All of you know me (Adam), but not as many of you know my better half, and the other half of CrossFit GEO – Johanna. Johanna is a Yoga Teacher, a certified CrossFit Trainer, and also a very knowledgeable person when it comes to nutrition.  But just like you, she has periods in her life when everything is working well and all of the good stuff is dialled in……and then there are other times when an optimal lifestyle seems a little bit out of reach.  Have a read below about Johanna’s mindset when it comes to making improvements and how she will be taking on the Whole Life Challenge.

No matter your starting point, put yourself out there – make a commitment to improve your life.

“One of the most underestimated pieces to the great puzzle of self improvement is the act of wholeheartedly diving into the experience. That includes putting yourself out there, making your goals known, accepting the position of vulnerability that comes with the unknown and unknowable. Will I succeed, will I suck, what will people think or say, and so on and so forth.

One of Adams favourite quotes is the very long one by T Roosevelt – “the man in the arena”.  Read it and you will understand why it resonates with him and why he succeeds at life. You don’t lose out because you didn’t hit the goal or win, you lose out when you don’t give yourself enough credit to step out of where it’s comfortable and give something a try. To make something public is just an extra bit of discomfort but it adds to your determination to succeed.  So why hold back?

We have decided to jump onto the Whole Life Challenge this year because we think it can offer a great deal to our members. We’ve heard good things and it aligns with what we believe you need to do to get better, fitter, healthier and happier.

The Challenge couldn’t have been timed any better for me personally, just recently returning from a long overseas holiday, coming back from an extended time off due to injury and of course, summer is coming!

We all have our own reasons, but in sharing mine along with my goals (putting myself out there), I am not only opening myself up to the critics, and I’m ok with that, but more importantly sharing in the journey of self improvement with my community at GEO. It also allows me to introduce myself to the many new members I’ve yet to meet due to my absence.

While I know I don’t have an eating problem, I’m well aware that my eating habits have become very relaxed over time. It’s easy to let one little allowance become 2 and then 3 and so on, altogether eventually manifesting in a whole new habitual pattern of eating. I notice the small ways this is having an affect in my body both outwardly and inwardly and I believe it’s more productive to stay focused on where I’m heading rather than beat myself up for what has already happened.

In addition, or maybe one was the result of the other, my back and hip injury over the past 18 months has impeded my commitment in all my physical pursuits. My gym attendance has been erratic, my yoga practice has been scarce. My body isn’t operating at its optimum level and I feel I’ve reached a critical point, so I’m determined that there is no better time than now to start to make some adjustments.

What I am committing to in the Whole Life Challenge are not drastic changes that are going to be insurmountable. Sure, they won’t be easy, especially at the start, but life never is. The payoff will be worth it. And there won’t be an end, these will become my new habitual patterns.

I commit to the following:

  1. Bringing back routine and structure into my meal planning and eating times. I’ll do this by writing a meal plan and preparing for the week ahead keeping in mind my scheduled commitments (which a can be erratic at the best of times). I’ll keep a food diary every day to hold myself accountable. This diary will keep track of my water consumption also.
  2. At least 3 sessions at the gym each week and any other activity will be over and above that.
  3. A structured sleep plan- in bed by 11pm to get my 7-8 hours of sleep. ( I have always maintained that 6 hours of sleep is enough for me with a couple of longer sleeps when my body needed- so I want to challenge myself to try this and see if I notice any difference).  This is not rated highly on my priorities but it’s more of a personal test. I’ve always been a night owl and feel really productive late at night when the world around me is quiet. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it, but it’s interesting how we are conditioned to believe that it’s not ideal. Anyway, you can tell I’m not big on the belief that we have to all be morning people to be successful. I know of some uber successful people who happen to be more productive at night and with less sleep (I just don’t have any data on their health status). Success is a subjective concept.

You’ll notice I haven’t set any goals around weight loss or conditioning etc. but I know these will be a natural bi product of the process. My results will be measured by how I feel and I suppose that will be reflected in how I look. Like anything, there is no single way that works for everyone. We just have to find a way that is in harmony with our lifestyle.  I guess that’s what the Whole Life Challenge means to me. It’s in alignment with our Kaizen values (always improving).

Sometimes life takes us off course and we just need to check in and adjust our settings. Let’s see what this 8 weeks brings.”





A. 1 min Deadhang                 

B. “Fight Gone Bad”            

3 rounds for max reps of:                                    

1 min Wallballs                  

1 min Sumo Deadlift Highpull 35/25kg                      

1 min Box Jumps            

1 min Push Press 35/25kg            

1 min Row

1 min Rest


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