Just another day of kicking butt!




Tonight’s 7.15pm Talon session will feature another chance for people to work together in teams to get through a couple of brutal, I mean, fun WODs.  All are welcome to come along and join in the action.  Scaling and modifications are always an option if needed.

Anyone have an 8 hour plank in them?  Part of the Whole Life Challenge will be building our core strength, so you can expect to do a lot of planking over the next 8 weeks.



3 sets, not for time of:                                          

5 Seated Dumbbell Press 20/10kg (both arms at same time)

followed immediately by max HR Push-ups.         

** Rest between sets. Record Push-ups total for each set.                                  


5 rounds for time of:        

200m Run                      

20 KBS 24/16kg            

1 min Plank

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