Whole Life Challenge Benchmark Workouts

Today we’ll be hitting the Whole Life Challenge Benchmark Workouts.  We will use these to measure our progress over the course of the next 8 weeks.  With the training that is programmed, EVERYONE should see big improvements when we retest.  But if you are doing the WLC, you should also see massive improvements in the way you look and feel because you’ll be focussing on so much more than just training.

The Whole Life Challenge will see you make changes to the way you eat, drink, think and plan your lives.

Whilst we are encouraging everyone to get involved in WLC, it is not compulsory.  If you are not yet registered, there’s still time – the challenge starts on 16 September.  But if you do not want to do it, that’s cool, you’ll still be doing the training that everyone else is doing so you will also see some positive changes in your fitness.

Honestly though, there’s no better time to get things dialled in as we approach the end of the year.  Don’t leave it until January to make empty resolutions.  Do it now.

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“Whole Life Challenge Benchmark Workouts”

A. Deadhang for time        

B. Plank for time           

C. Front Squat 5RM             

D. For time:                      

500m Row                           

20 Push Press 40/30kg   

20 Burpees


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