Dom, dominating the rope climb

Too often we see a workout and just put the foot down straight away and redline it until we can go no longer and are then forced to rest.  We us different energy systems in our bodies depending on the intensity and duration of the workout.  But the body is a pretty smart piece of kit and if we train it with correct intent, then we can make changes to how our body reacts, recovers and grows.  

In today’s workout you have 3 rowing distances to perform.  Each one calls for you to create some body awareness by establishing a pace that will not take you to that lactic threshold (muscles burning, gasping for air, heart rate is spiked), but will have you moving fast and consistently.  So dial back the intensity a touch today and get yourself into a fast, yet comfortable, pace.  No-one should be rolling off the rower onto the floor at the end of these pieces.



20 mins to get 1RM Front Squat                     


3 x Rows – 1000m, 750m, 500m                      

***Rest at least 3 mins between efforts                

Intent – Choose a comfortable pace that can be maintained for entire distance.  This is not a max effort.  You should be going about 75-80% capacity. Record each time. Focus on technique.


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