In 2015 a group of members from GEO travelled to Nepal just after the devastating earthquakes. We did a lot of fundraising leading up to the trip and donated it to a local orphanage in Kathmandu to help them build facilities.

GEO has evolved over many years.  It started out as an outdoor bootcamp called GeoFit, where “Geo” meant “the earth”.  It meant getting outdoors to not only appreciate nature, but to work with nature to challenge ourselves physically.  It meant not shying away from less than perfect weather conditions (wind, rain, hail, heat, cold), but embracing them as part of the training ritual.  It was acknowledged that we already spent enough time indoors being comfortable. GeoFit got people outdoors to take on the workout and the prevailing elements or terrain, to become fitter and tougher.

Fortunately for us, the business grew, but unfortunately, our vision for success meant we had to go indoors.  A large outdoor facility just wasn’t feasible

So GeoFit, became CrossFit GEO, and we moved indoors.

And whilst our love for nature and the great outdoors was not diminished, quite clearly we were not going to be spending nearly as much time outside to justify the initial meaning of “Geo”.

So what does GEO mean now?




These 3 words, interpreted correctly, have a broad and powerful meaning.

Our most basic goal for our members is improved fitness.  That’s why people join our gym.  But we have taken it further than that because we want our members to be better humans, and we are so much more than just physical fitness. We want our members, and our team of coaches, to grow and develop as human beings. We want them to improve themselves not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well.

We do this by exploring different training methodologies – Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Calisthenics, Endurance training like running, rowing and riding, Animal Flow movements, Ninja Warrior movements, Yoga, and more.

We do this by exploring the world around us through outdoor training – park sessions, or hiking, or doing workouts at the beach.

We not only want physical growth, but also emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth. We do this by exploring (connecting with) other communities and cultures through charity work; through networking with other groups;  through travel overseas (Nepal and Africa) where we not only undertake physical challenges like hiking through the Annapurna region of Nepal or climbing Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, but we engage with local communities through charitable acts (providing food and clothes to orphans in Nepal, and building a playground for orphans in Tanzania).

On an individual level, members everyday are exploring their own capabilities and potential through the daily challenges they undertake.  Each workout allows a person to explore how their body works and how their mind reacts.  They have an opportunity to explore their own character and make mindful adjustments.

The challenges (workouts) we offer to our members are an obstacle to be overcome.  Improvement, growth and progression come about by constantly exposing ourselves to adversity; doing things that are hard, and sometimes unpleasant.  Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail.  True growth comes from acknowledging the experience, embracing the mistakes, assessing where we could have done better, and then trying again.  We try to set people up in the gym with the strength of character, the determination and persistence, the mental grit, and the physical prowess they need to overcome challenges they may come across at work, at home, at school, or on the street.

GEO – creating better humans.




3 rounds not for time of:                                     

20 Palloff Press (10 in each direction)                

10 Double KB Front Rack Step-ups (alternate legs)                

***Intent – good form and control                       


B. 3 rnds not for time of:                                  

2 Rope Climbs                                      

100m Sled drag 80/60kg                                                  

20 Sit-ups                      

***Intent – move through at a nice pace.  Take the time to work on your climbing technique

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