This is “thank you” in Swahili.

We have been absolutely overwhelmed by the generosity of our friends, our family, and the greater community that we have been connected to through this challenge – “Burpees for the Kili Kids.”

It started off as a pretty out-there idea.  I mean who wants to do burpees, let alone pay for the privilege?  But we went ahead with it anyway because we thought it would be an epic and memorable challenge which would do a lot of good.

5895 burpees was set as the target for teams to reach.  It would involve a collaborative effort from friends, family and colleagues to get it done.  It would bring people together to work towards a common goal – to raise money for those (both human and animal) who need our help.

Through Friends of the World Foundation, the money we have raised will go towards their $10,000 goal to support the following causes:

“Kili Kids” – where our trek team will pitstop in between adventures to build a playground for 30 orphans, as well as provide them with educational items, sporting equipment and clothing.


“The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust” –  to support this organisation which runs programs for elephant rescue and rehabilitation.  Many elephants are orphaned because of illegal poaching and habitat destruction.


“Ol Pejeta Conservancy” – to support this organisation’s work to protect endangered species including the very last male Northern White Rhino in the world and its unique breeding program to save the species.


I have to admit that I was a little bit worried when I talked about the challenge to people as there was limited enthusiasm.  Not that people didn’t want to support our causes.  They just didn’t want to do the burpees.  But as time went by, momentum picked up and we started receiving registrations and donations to the point where I am now extremely happy to say that we have raised nearly $6500! That is bloody awesome!

People from CrossFit GEO jumped on board, family and friends jumped on board, other CrossFit gyms and fitness groups jumped on board.  We even had total strangers who just happened to be in the right place at the right time get involved.  I’ve received videos and heard stories of doctors and nurses doing burpees on shift, police doing burpees in the middle of firearms training, people doing burpees while away on holidays, and the list goes on.

At a time when it seems like there is so much hate and fear in the world, it restores my faith in humanity that people can come together and help complete strangers with no expectation that they will receive something back in return.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I am sure that it will be a long time before anyone puts their hand up to do that many burpees again, so I will be cutting a video together of all of the footage and photos I have received to not only remind you all of how awesome you are, but also to show the kids in Tanzania what you guys did for them – get up and down off the floor…….repeatedly, many many times.

Lastly, I just want to thank all of the GEO Trek Team for getting behind the challenge and spreading the word to their networks – Johanna, Sarah, Morv, Rachael, Gwok, Ian, Kevin, Alex, Jade, Kaino (did 1001 burpees on his own), Suzannah, Brandon and Nick. Brandon and Nick also prepared and supplied all of the delicious food on offer yesterday at GEO, and Rachael supplied the drinks.  Cheers guys!  Looking forward to exploring Tanzania with you all and putting a smile on some kids faces.





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