Hey guys, as of today we have raised $2300 through our “Burpees for the Kili Kids” challenge which will go towards building a playground for the orphans at Kili kids (see video above), as well as supporting two Wildlife Conservation Organisations. That is bloody awesome!  Thank you to all who have contributed so far.

Our official challenge day is this coming Saturday 24 June.  We will kick things off at 7am.  One of our members, Nick Gaul (who is coming to Africa with us) and his wife Dani have very generously offered to supply a chef to prepare and cook a heap of treats for us which we sell for a gold coin donation on the day. There will be sweet and savoury muffins, slices, fruit kebabs, protein balls and more.  You will be able to sustain your burpee efforts with some really good food that will cost you next to nothing.

As many of you cannot make it to the gym on the day, I am opening up the challenge to begin today.  So that means you can join any of our existing teams or create your own, and start doing burpees today to work off your total of 5895.  If you would like to join a team and just pay cash, drop $20 into the cash tin by the whiteboard, write your name up next to a team, and message me to let me know.  Alternatively, follow the link below to join online.

Come in early before a session and knock out a quick 50, or come in during the Open Gym sessions with some mates and get a team effort going, or you can even do some at home or work.  It doesn’t matter where you do them or when, as long as it is this week, every single one of your burpees can go towards your team’s total.  That also includes burpees you do in any of our programmed workouts – but you have to have paid your $20 rego.

If you have not joined a team, follow the link below, choose “TICKETS”, then “TEAM”, and type in a team name:


The Dire Wolves (Adam and Johanna)
Pay it Forward (Tracey and Mel)
Lucy Piper Fitness (Mark and Lucy)
Burpee Busters (Gwok and Rob)
Team Brad (Jamie……no Brad yet)
All Creatures Great and Small (Morv and Sarah)
PR’d My Pants (Kaino and Suzannah)
I have started a white board in the gym with team details on it and burpees completed so far.  As people join teams I will add you to the board and we will keep a running tally of how many burpees have been performed.
Thanks guys!
– AB


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