Being able to get into a good front rack position is vital for what we do in CrossFit.  It makes us more efficient lifters, it provides a connection between the body and the bar for the transfer of energy, and it allows us to support a heavier load.

Front squatting, cleaning and pressing overhead are done with greater efficiency and power when a solid front rack position can be attained – the load is supported by our trunk rather than just our arms, so we can then take advantage of the strength and explosiveness of our legs and hips to move the weight.

Now sometimes due to injury, a good front rack position just cannot be obtained and in these instances we have to make do with a modified way to support the weight or we simply use our arms.  Is it ideal?  No, but at least we are still training.  If on the other hand, your poor front rack position is due to a lack of flexibility, then there is something you can do about it.

There are many solutions and we have put together a quick little combo of mobility fixes which make an immediate positive impact to your front rack position.  Check out the video and watch Coach’s Bunnings and Liam run you through them.  Please note, lasting improvements require consistency so if you have issues with your front rack position, make this a ritual in your training regime.  Fix your front rack position and watch those PR’s flow your way.  Good luck with today’s Split Jerks!

– AB



Split Jerk 20 mins to build to heavy single         


For time:                           

50 Wallballs                      

40 KBS 24/16kg               

30 Burpees                         

20 Goblet Squats 24/16kg                           

10 Toes to Bar                     

20 Goblet Squats                  

30 Burpees                     

40 KBS                             

50 Wallballs

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