WOD – Tuesday 30 May 2017


Winter is coming and so too are colds (and the White walkers).  It is highly likely that some members may catch colds, or even worse for us fellas, Man-flu.  A few things to be mindful of if you want to train and you are sick:

(a) Am I contagious and will I pass it on to other members?  If you are coughing and spluttering all over the place, I would suggest there’s a good chance you could pass on whatever you have to other people.  In the interest of looking out for your mates, it might be worth staying home and resting.  If you do come in, common sense and common courtesy would suggest that you wipe down anything you touch with the disinfectant we have to reduce the chance of passing on your illness.

(b) Is my illness affecting my breathing (respiratory system) or it is just a headache?  For either one, let the coaches know so that we can dial back the intensity for you accordingly, or change things up so that you are moving but not smashing your body and affecting your recovery.  Obviously a respiratory issue is going to be more limiting than a headache because generally what we do requires that you breath hard and heavy.

(c) Have a look at the workout and decide if it is in your best interest to come in and do it, or are you better served by resting, or doing some mobility or maybe some meditation?



3RM Push Jerk                         


3 rounds of:                 

10 Front Squats 70/50kg                       

20 C2B Pull-ups                       

50 Double Unders

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