WOD – Thursday 25 May 2017

Guys, you would have noticed that we have been introducing some slightly different styles of movement into our warm-ups, and in fact, the workouts too.  We want to expose you to these new ways of moving to not only challenge you, but to also create greater body awareness, and to work your connective tissues and joints to improve their strength and mobility.  The video below features a seemingly simple challenge but I think you will find it is actually harder than it looks. Check out the vid (goes for a few minutes) and give it go.  We will be doing it in the Box sometime soon.




3 sets of:                              

20 Double Overhead Kettlebell Lunges 

***Go as heavy as you can with good form                        


B. 15 min AMRAP                   

15 Box Jump Overs                         

12 Ring Dips                                     

9 Power Cleans 70/50

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